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Why over 15 City use our Tech Relevant School ERP

Easy & Quick Set Up

Look for software with a simple and clean interface: The interface should be easy to understand and navigate.

Cloud based software

Online software, also known as web-based software, is software that is accessed and used through a web browser.

Multiple User

Multiple user software refers to software that allows multiple users to access and use the same application or program simultaneously.
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About Tech Relevant School

  • Tech Relevant is a high spirited IT service company to offer distinctive web services and solutions, School Management Software, Web Design Solution.

  • We with the vast experience in education industry software has specially designed School Management System for effective management of school administration, student management, flexible time table settings & many more facilities. School Management System is the comprehensive & user friendly software ever designed for managing school is effective manner

  • Our software has unmatched flexibility, which can easily cater to any school or institution. We have divided our entire software into different modules which can be used both individually and also in combined manner. All the modules are closely interlinked with each other and are fully automated.

Let's Discuss About Your School
  • TECH RELEVANT PVT LTD is best school management software in India, specifically designed and developed to simplify the process of educational institutions that meet all the technological and administrative requirements of schools at one place. We build school software to simplify the life of institution administrators and teachers so that they can focus on the most important thing. Our efficient software systems are deeply tested and include all the necessary aspects that will make administering for schools smooth and proficient. It's easy to work on TECH RELEVANT School Management software on your first login without any instructions all you need is the basic knowledge of working a computer.


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